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's shooting around the corner of the building. the syrian media reported that government forces have targeted terrorists and their vehicles, opposition activists say clashes between syrian government forces and rebel forces have only intensified. >> if you think your monday morning to you will be crowded, chavis traffic jam in shanghai. today marks the first of eight day holidays. local officials say it has been one of the worst cases of traffic accidents. for more on the forecast coming up. >>brian: this indicates to buttress cooling a few degrees but still a warm day. starting on wednesday is one we will see temperatures begin to come down. the hottest spots are in the upper 90s. even triple digits. by next weekend, upper 60s and low 70's by the state, upper 70's and land. >> and a lot of people will be watching to in court hearings on monday in islamabad on the blasphemies saw that that has made headlines worldwide. the first hearing on monday is for the 14 year-old christian girl accused last month of for neighbors by burning pages of the kron. the way things stand right now things look
governing the use of vehicles by the public. jensens nearly here. it will be exciting to see those on the road. >> the trend turned around during thursday and will head into the next work week. upper '40's and novato and santa rosa 29 out the door in vallejo and pretty chilly start to the morning. a second look at where those numbers are expected to go into the afternoon. by lunchtime 60s along the coastline here the majority of us will be in the '70s holding on to the '80s and places like concord and livermore. by 3:00 p.m. we will see much more in the way of warmth on your screen. pretty nice comfortable level conditions around the bay area. 75 degrees 784 sunnyvale and santa clara. 85 fairfield pittsburgh and walnut creek. as we turn our attention to the north bay upper seventies low 80s here 64 in san francisco and looks like ocean beach coming in at 61 degrees. i do want to turn our attention to a quick ahead and version of your extended forecast. low 90s inland and '60s for the coast. temperatures could get warmer transitioning into this week in more news from that and your 7
. >> many people come to us who need food assistance. the way the government is, the state budget and federal budget we will munsey lot of help. >> the contra costa county food banks >> we have seen a significant decline because the u.s. department of agriculture's food has declined significantly we're very concerned. >> people can donate, a volunteer or advocate. they can really make a difference by doing one of those three things. >>vicki: the drought will have an impact even as far away as the bay area. rising feed prices will likely affect the cost of meat. >> meat has pride of place at this of the shop in washington. ham, pastrami, stake, it is all here. with prices for pork and beef expected to rise, this longtime meet me and say consumers will have to pay more or get used to do cuts. but coming sticker shock will impact butchers, restaurants and dinner tables across the country. the worst drought in decades means higher costs for its animal feed. farms like this one have already had to raise prices to keep up. >>brian: will have really hot, fall weather for tomorrow, m
government efforts to prevent future fires. information has emerged about the refinery fire that shows that more health protections are needed. a hearing is needed to find if additional legislation will improve public safety. >> oakland a's pictures dallas braden spoke out about his city he is proud to say last night. it is his community but he is sorry to say that he feels the police are to blame for the time cry right there. there is a lack of effort for the replaced the apartment to >> they told me that the only way to protect myself was to take my grandmother and move. if they're not shooting or i am shooting at them they will not come. i love this community this community raised me to be what i am today. to be lied to blatantly by the person who is calling the shots around here i cannot do anything i have no one to go to. at the man with a badge can step up and answer the bell who will? it is the wild west and the boys in blue are outgunned and they let you know when somebody words that they just can't do it. >> it is the second most violent city in california. on wednesday they r
out on wednesday. in portugal, unions have called people and did them straight against the government's austerity drive. >> that hundred inmates have escaped north of baghdad. nearly half of the escapees were all cut up ring to. seventh of it a little prisoners and guards. data and habit and cattle stories and how a great white shark could soon be on the endangered species list. i hunt >> within the next few hours the fog will move back to the coastline, a beautiful day in the beautiful weekend, sunny and warm as that didn't with 60s along the coast what is this >> in the inland valleys along the day, hot temper to core and extended period of time the port air quality. that will also increase fire danger. we will have some triple digits, possibly setting some records. today, mostly sunny throughout the bay area. >> the big weather story sunday and monday, it is going to get hot. if we are expecting to set some records in triple digits. did not stay in the direct sunlight for too long. by wednesday of next week things will cool down with highs in the east. >>ysabel: great white sh
. government investigations are underway. >>> a santa clara elementary school principal accused of selling drugs, eric dean lewis was arraigned on charges. the principal was arrested on friday after a sting operation. authorities say eric dean lewis offered the investigator methmeth and the date -- methamphetamine. kron 4's maureen kelly was there. >> reporter: he is in front of a judge monday because he was arrested friday after investigators say he offered to furnish an offer with methamphetamine. that agent made contact through a dating website. after his arrest authorities searched his san francisco apartment and say they found a lot of drugs. >> quarter ounce of methamphetamine. 7 pills of mdma and 3-4 vials of ghp. >> reporter: that led to the additional charge of drugs for sale. computers were also seized at his office at montague elementary school but the district attorney says the investigation is still on going. at this time there is nothing to indicate he tried to sell drugs to students. authorities plan to examine any money put towards setting him free to make sure it doesn't c
izumizaki was not only a math teacher but a coach and someone involved with student government. i saw teachers who were in tears this afternoon and came across students who were speechless. students called him mr. i. he was accused of a inproperty relationship -- improper relationship with a student. even with the accusations, those i talked with stud up for him. >> the district called her mom and she told me he died. he killed himself. >> first thing i did was went to my room and cried. i mean, my friend called me around 3:30 p.m. and when i got the news i didn't believe it. >> i feel everyone has their own opinion about it. some people think he did, some don't, some people love him. >> i look back on those days, i think what could i have done to be a better friend to him. >> i think everyone is depressed right now, he was a great teacher. most people had him, people keep saying he was the best math teacher. >> reporter: those from the school district will speak tuesday morning about james izumizaki. as for the circumstances behind the mullitation police haven't said. jr stone, kron
government as well as the libyan people. there should be no doubt that we will be relentless in tracking down the killers and bring them to justice. i also appreciate that in recent days the leaders of other countries in the region, including egypt, and tunisia, and yemen have taken steps to a... understand the attacks of the last two weeks are not simply an assault on america. there also an assault on the very ideals upon which the united nations was founded. the notion that people can resolve their differences peacefully. that diplomacy can take the place of war. that an independent world all of us have a stake in working towards greater opportunity and security forces since. if we're serious about of holding these ideas it will not be enough to put more guards in front of an embassy or to put out statements of regret and wait for the outrage to pass. if we're serious about these ideas we must speak honestly about the deeper causes of the crisis. we face a choice between the forces that would drive us apart, and the hopes that we hold in common. today we must reaffirm that our future will b
are calling for a state hearing to explore government efforts to prevent future fires. that inflammation that has emerged about the refinery fire shows that more help protectors are needed. their attendance figure out if additional legislation is needed to improve safety. >> victims are getting hurt when they hand over their goods of being dropped. unfolded following a robbery in pacific heights one of the suspects in a gray mercedes s u p with a backpack off of a woman while she was walking down the street inside there was a tablet the victim wrote down the license plates and help the police track down the suspect. >> police said they are concerned that there will be more victims even as they try and cap crack down on this particular crime. >> earlier this week there were several reports of the victims getting their cell phones and other electronic devices i stolen. not is ripped from there has been several cases if the suspects beat their victim's one was knocked unconscious despite handing the phone over. >> ec robbers were they are using force a gun, a knife. >> since the beginning o
: president obama is still using the hidden camera. for the victims of government dependents. >> i do not think that we can get very far. with people not taking responsibility for their own lives. >>catherine: these have been turned into a devastating political ads. with faces of families and veterans. >> there will open this presidency and it is not to worry about. >> matt from the is looking to " mitt romney to and to link deficit numbers. >>catherine: forget the election, they're already casting ballots. one example is this was early voting and the state of iowa. catherine heenan, kron 4. >>jacqueline: this warming trend is going to become significant. the highs for the inland valleys were quite warm. ninety-three's in antioch, livermore. with and 90's. 70's-93 in antioch but take a look at the coast. cool in daly city. 55 degrees in half moon bay with that really dense fog. it is not going to clear out. this is a live look at the golden gate. visibility is quite low. and at half moon bay, just one half mile visibility at this moment. we can see that it is going to change, overnigh
, nausea, their eyes are watering. >> while george w. bush was president, the government changed some of the laws that protected the nation's drinking water. >> ♪ so it all goes back to 2005 ♪ ♪ bush said gas drillers didn't have to comply ♪ ♪ with the safe drinking water act ♪ ♪ before too long it was "frack, baby frack" ♪ ♪ until the break of dawn >> with fracking that's not properly regulated comes another threat -- the release of toxic gas into the air. >> so, on top of the drinking water being contaminated and undrinkable, the air is also posing a serious health problem, as well. >> alex is from the environmental working group. they want to prevent pollution. rachel works for a company that represents the gas industry. they want to help america benefit from an important source of fuel. both sides probably agree on one thing... >> ♪ now, it's not that drillers should never be fracking ♪ ♪ but the current regulation is severely lacking ♪ ♪ reduce the toxins, contain the gas and wastewater ♪ ♪ and the people won't get sick ♪ ♪ and the planet won't
government and athletics here in albany middle school. i talk with a number of students and parents who are just flat out shot. >> the first and went is to my of room and cried. i did not want to believe that somehow she was still here carry it >>everybody just have their own opinion and they are stating that the did it. >> big men that place. >>and obviously a difficult day at albany and middle school and some of the students are still here on their way home. this story just broke within the last hour and will bring you more coming up. >> ithe middle school teacher some body was found. this is a developing story. we're in samaras the on it was somewhere down on a family member's home that authority stated that they received a call about 10:30 a.m. this morning that the family member stated that they found his body dead inside of his vehicle. i just spoke with alameda county sheriff's. this is what he had said. >>they found a person who had apparently committed suicide. he left messages that indicated to him that. are there any details? is that a part of that investigation? this is all
in my life. >> and payne >> an attempt to pack in on classified government network. no information was stolen but they discovered that it was chinese hackers that gained access to the network with in the white house military. this happened when a staffer opened an e-mail. this type is fairly common and there are measures in place to isolate the incident. and protect any sensitive information. coming up. we have your headlines and the golden gate bridge. we are looking at clear conditions. practically a carbon copy of what we saw yesterday. we will get the latest with erica. now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> i guess it is safe to say that it is this is totally a different meaning. and i would not pay to see this. and i am just saying welcome to ocean beach in san francisco. if you want your dog to required to have your dog on a leash. you can only let your dog off a leash from the month of may to the month of july. however, for the most part he must be on a leash. that is because you allowed your friends to bury your friends in the sand but do not worr
laws that govern. they're looking for the first testing of technology to happen by january 1st of 2015. they have to make it cheaper than hiring a driver. either way if you compare your makeup on on the way to work item for it. governor brown pulled up to the press conference in that car. >> let's take a look outside taking a look--let's give a look at what we face today when the sun comes out hi erica >> good morning doria. later when the sun comes up expect similar conditions to what we saw yesterday. pleasant and comfortable not too hot. as we take a look at current conditions 50s across the board. we are seeing 50 degrees out the door in downtown san francisco. before working up and said monday in oakland it looks like images are a little bit warmer compared to where there were 24 hours ago. and your satellite's radar picture shows cloud cover blanketing the majority of the bay area. you conceive visibility impacted in concord 7 mi. visibility over in livermore and for those of you driving along the five 84 mi. for half moon bay. checkout santa rosa. drive with extra caution and mi
can count on. ♪ >>> the while house is looking into an attempt to hack into a government network. they discovered it was chi niece hackers within the white house military officer. the white house says this type of attack is common and there are things in place to protect sensitive information. >>> and a new study details how taxpayers can face a big jump in taxes next year if congress doesn't take action. most people don't think congress is going to let that happen. but it is not clear what kind of deal is boing to be worked out. >>> in world news, there is another bounty on the california man who made an anti-islam film. a lawmaker is now offering $200,000 to anyone who kills the american who was arrested in california last week. the low budget film that he made has sparked violent protest and this is the second bounty on his head. a pakistani official is also offering $100,000. >>> bufferin of the biggest names in session--one of the biggest names in social media is in russia. facebooks owner is on a world tour looking for new talent. >>> and a quick break here, we are watching
an anti- government rally there. right police used teargas and pepper spray and several hundred demonstrators near parliament. protesters are also using bottle rockets they threw bottles firebombs and also set fire to trees in the national gardens. central africans this is all part of new security measures and this is a large sale scale walk out. these are some of the newest details we're getting across the wires. we have don't have much for video imagery but we will share as much as we have when we do get it. >> there'll be fewer places to take that all of comcast cable box back we will explain that story and have a little more for you next as i iron, els and asses and whatever else i confused there. take a look at our mount tam can and we still have fogged over the golden gate bridge and we're going to cycle through all of our live cameras and give you weather and traffic as we continue. oÑñv
regarding same-sex marriage will be heard. the challenges the federal government's defense of marriage act. we were looking for them to release its orders on which cases they will hear. neither same-sex , case was on that. so the wait continues. the next one is due on october 8th from the court. if we do not see it on that list we will get a hint that the supreme court is waiting until after the election to make any kind of decision on this hot button issue. the decision will be watched by a lot of people. >> and east bay middle school teacher has been arrested on suspicion of having an inappropriate relationship with a former student. will chant tried joins us this morning. >> park site elementary a 25 year-old man went on the campus 10 days ago uncovered a nine year ago or girls mouth while she was in the bathroom, dragged her off campus she was kicking and complaining and during racks at him. she managed to get back to campus. this prompted a new security measures to be put into place including this fence and cameras. they are basically on lockdown mode. the parents have to come and si
people to food banks are also impacting the government agencies which ones were key partners. now, they're looking for alternate ways to fill in gaps. jeff years shows a towel community is pitching in. the gamma >> hundreds of volunteers showed up on saturday to help the pressing needs of the local food banks are experiencing. >> people are helping us to do and day-to-day tasks. in her memo we're trying to educate the community about hundred what they can do to make a difference. >> as the need has accelerated, food banks are relying more on individual help from their communities as the sources they have traditionally depended upon diminished. >> given the way the government is, the state budget in federal budget, we will not see a lot of help. >> the contra costa county food banks are no longer the contributors they once were. >> we have seen a significant decline because the u.s. department of agriculture food has declined significantly. we're very concerned. >> an addition to donations and volunteer help to reduce operating expenses, organizations are calling on the community
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